nieuwe abstracts JSES januari 2019

Short-term outcomes associated with drain use in shoulder arthroplasties: a prospective, randomized controlled trial
David P. Trofa, Franklin E. Paulino, Julianne Munoz, Diego C. Villacis, James N. Irvine, Charles M. Jobin, William N. Levine, Christopher S. Ahmad
Local infiltration analgesia versus interscalene nerve block for postoperative pain control after shoulder arthroplasty: a prospective, randomized, comparative noninferiority study involving 99 patients
Julia Sicard, Shahnaz Klouche, Christel Conso, Nicolas Billot, Jean-Charles Auregan, Samuel Poulain, Florent Lespagnol, Nicolas Solignac, Thomas Bauer, Mathieu Ferrand, Philippe Hardy
Professional advancement, performance, and injury characteristics of baseball players entering the Major League Baseball draft after treatment for shoulder injuries
Aakash Chauhan, Jason H. Tam, Anthony J. Porter, Sravya Challa, Samuel Early, John D'Angelo, Daniel Keefe, Heinz Hoenecke, Jan Fronek
Tear characteristics and surgeon influence repair technique and suture anchor use in repair of superior-posterior rotator cuff tendon tears
Kathleen A. Derwin, Sambit Sahoo, Alexander Zajichek, Gregory Strnad, Kurt P. Spindler, Joseph P. Iannotti, Eric T. Ricchetti
Comparative analysis of work-related outcomes in hemiarthroplasty with concentric glenoid reaming and total shoulder arthroplasty
Anirudh K. Gowd, Grant H. Garcia, Joseph N. Liu, Marissa R. Malaret, Brandon C. Cabarcas, Anthony A. Romeo
Outcomes of revision arthroplasty for shoulder periprosthetic joint infection: a three-stage revision protocol
Wo-Jan Tseng, Drew A. Lansdown, Trevor Grace, Alan L. Zhang, Brian T. Feeley, Li-Wei Hung, C. Benjamin Ma
Displaced humeral surgical neck fractures: classification and results of third-generation percutaneous intramedullary nailing
Pascal Boileau, Thomas d’Ollonne, Charles Bessière, Adam Wilson, Philippe Clavert, Armodios M. Hatzidakis, Mikael Chelli
Open Access

Outcome measures after medial ulnar collateral ligament reconstructions in a military population
John B. Fuller, John C. Dunn, Nicholas A. Kusnezov, Leon J. Nesti, Kelly G. Kilcoyne

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