Abstracts en Full text van JSES mei 2019 Schouder - Elleboog - Basic Science - Online artikelen

Sex-related differences in patients undergoing surgery for shoulder instability: a Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON) Shoulder Instability cohort study
Justin A. Magnuson, Brian R. Wolf, Kevin J. Cronin, Cale A. Jacobs, Shannon F. Ortiz, Julie Y. Bishop, Keith M. Baumgarten MOON Shoulder Group, Carolyn M. Hettrich
Evidence-based algorithm to treat patients with proximal humerus fractures—a prospective study with early clinical and overall performance results
Christian Spross, Jan Meester, Ruben A. Mazzucchelli, Gábor J. Puskás, Vilijam Zdravkovic, Bernhard Jost
Evaluation of radial nerve continuity early after humeral shaft fracture fixation using high-resolution nerve ultrasonography: a pilot study of feasibility
Rémy Liechti, Stephan Mittas, David Lorenzana, Anne-Kathrin Peyer, Einar Wilder-Smith, Björn-Christian Link, Stephanie Taha, Elza Memeti, Reto Babst, Frank J.P. Beeres
Labeled white blood cell/bone marrow single-photon emission computed tomography with computed tomography fails in diagnosing chronic periprosthetic shoulder joint infection
Thomas Falstie-Jensen, Henrik Daugaard, Kjeld Søballe, Janne Ovesen, Anne Kirstine Arveschoug, Jeppe Lange the ROSA study group
Do elderly patients gain as much benefit from arthroscopic rotator cuff repair as their younger peers?
Caroline Witney-Lagen, Georgios Mazis, Juan Bruguera, Ehud Atoun, Giuseppe Sforza, Ofer Levy
Quantification of patient-level costs in outpatient total shoulder arthroplasty
James M. Gregory, Alexander M. Wetzig, Colton D. Wayne, Lane Bailey, Ryan J. Warth
Revision of failed hemiarthroplasty and anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty to reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
Mihir M. Sheth, Daniel Sholder, Charles L. Getz, Gerald R. Williams, Surena Namdari
Lesser tuberosity osteotomy in total shoulder arthroplasty: impact of radiographic healing on outcomes
Jonathan C. Levy, Paul DeVito, Derek Berglund, Rushabh Vakharia, Molly Moor, Andy Malarkey, Scott Polansky
Long-term results of the Delta Xtend reverse shoulder prosthesis
David Bassens, Thomas Decock, Alexander Van Tongel, Lieven De Wilde

Sufficient duration of off-season decreases elbow disorders in elementary school–aged baseball players
Kenichi Otoshi, Shinichi Kikuchi, Kinshi Kato, Yota Kaneko, Ryosuke Mashiko, Ryohei Sato, Takahiro Igari, Takahiro Kaga, Shinichi Konno
Outcomes of ulnar nerve anterior transmuscular transposition and significance of ulnar nerve instability in cubital tunnel syndrome
Lisa M. Frantz, Jessica M. Adams, G. Stephen Granberry, Sarah M. Johnson, Bernard F. Hearon
Complex radial head and neck fractures treated with modern locking plate fixation
Dominik Gruszka, Tobias E. Nowak, Tomasz Tkacz, Daniel Wagner, Pol M. Rommens

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